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I hope you are all doing well, i know long time no fitness post,i really do apologize for  that. Today i will show you my best biceps exercises.


This is one of the best exercises for getting that peek in the bicep.
It keeps you on a very strict range of motion meaning all that movement originates from the bicep having to contract and really pick up to the top.
(3 sets by 12 reps)


This is great by using an inclined bench resting your knees on the actual seat and therefore allowing your arms to hung at the other side holding on to the either an easy bar or barbel and you can also use dumbbells on this or even cables.
The benefit to this a real nice tension in the bicep muscle as you curl the bar up without swinging the arms back and fourth,its actually really hard to cheat on this exercise.
(3 sets by 12 reps)



One of my favorite bicep workout,its a great overall exercise for biceps especially for mass.
I like it because it keeps you with such a strict range of motions.
Do 3 to 4 sets 12 reps each and don’t go too heavy.

I hope you liked the workout and found some good tips and exercise that you can incorporate into your training ,it’s you finding the right exercises that work for you whether you want to compete or if you want to build a better body and to feel good about yourself. It’s all about consistency ,staying on track and eating right most of the time and just having a goal and a deadline.

Dedication has no limitations.


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