Pattern mixing part 2. 

Hey guys, i hope you are all having a great week and enjoying the rains.

Today’s outfit that i shot over the weekend is all about showing you how to comfortably wear patterns on patterns in a suit.

On my last article on matching tie patterns to your shirt, had discussed tips on how to pair two  patterns, today will share on how you can match five patterns in one look without color clashing.
A suit is every man’s best outfit. Whether worn to the office,a wedding, a business presentation or even on a date, a suit is a must have in a man’s closet.
A professionally tailored suit will help you achieve a truly upscale look, but sometimes wearing plain colors can be boring.

Like every other trend, there are always rules to follow when wearing a suit, these include; the fit,cuffs, length,belt,shoes,shirt, ties etc however today we just explore on how you can comfortably match patterns in a suit.

There are 2 important rules to consider when mixing patterns ;

  • Consider color-Focus on the most prominent color when trying to complement the other colors in your look.
  • The scale-It’s good idea to vary the pattern sizes- Mix small patterns with large scale patterns.

Hopefully these few rules have given you some ideas on how you can start incorporating pattern mixing  into your wardrobe.

Let me know what you think about this look- lapel pin and pocket square -Tie  Bowsnties -Suit – Addict_attire.

Stylish Nick.

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